Your energy, brought to your home

If you are buying or moving into V, you will soon be part of an exciting new approach to energy management that reduces your energy costs. 

We’ve been working on behalf of the Building Management Committee to provide the residents of V with a seamless, community energy supply. Our privately-owned network means energy can be purchased in bulk and made available to your home at better rates.

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State of the art

Expert engineers design, implement and maintain building networks, helping owners and residents pay less for their energy, future proofing your buildings, reducing strata levies, and helping minimise future electricity price rises. The Building Management Committee can keep costs low by buying electricity at bulk prices for the whole building.

Service and Usage Charges

V Electricity Residential Energy Fixed Price 

Customer typeFuel typeDistribution areaTariff typeOffer typeRelease date
Domestic residentialElectricityAusgridAnytimeRetail tariff01-Sep-2017

Electricity offer

Contract termNo fixed term
Contract expiry detailsThis contract expires when terminated by us or you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions
Bill frequencyEvery month

Electricity pricing information

 Price (exc. GST)Price (inc. GST)
All usage23.03 cents per kWh25.333 cents per kWh
Daily supply charge82.89 cents per day91.179 cents per day
Price changes
Are these prices fixed?Yes
Electricity key contract features
Cooling off period10 business days
Additional charges
Late payment feeZero
Credit card payment processing fee(Surcharge Fees: A Credit/Debit card surcharge (inc. GST) of 1.1% applies for Visa and Mastercard, 3.3% for AMEX and 1.76% for Diners)
Disconnection fee$10
Reconnection fee$10
Other information
Eligibility criteriaThe details presented in this Energy Price Fact Sheet are for domestic residential customers located within the V  building
Meter typeType 4, 5 or 6 meter
General incentivesSimple pricing. No confusing conditional discounts

kWh stands for kilowatt hour and is the unit of measurement for your electricity usage.

The daily supply charge is a charge that applies for supplying electricity to your property for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much electricity you use.

Electricity offer terms and conditions
We will bill you every month or every three months depending on your meter type. For example, if you have a basic manually-read meter, we will bill you every three months and if you have a remotely-read interval meter, we will bill you monthly. If you have a manually-read interval meter, the billing period may be either monthly or three months. If the network provider changes the nature or structure of the network tariff during the term of your contract, the Energy Price Fact Sheet relating to the new assigned tariff will apply.


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Flow Systems Pty Ltd ACN 136 272 298 as agent for Strata Plan 94346, Strata Plan 94347 or Strata Plan 94349, as applicable.

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